marți, 1 septembrie 2009

I am starting now to discover them all, to look at everything from a different perspective

I joyfully kiss your hand!

I have realized that I need to “make up” with what my life means, that I have been "upset" not only on people, but on everything surrounding me, including my house, my activities ... I am starting now to discover them all, to look at everything from a different perspective. This way, I need to caress and make up with every small thing around me, as if I had been in a "cold war" with everything. It seemed to be my house, but I was not inside of it, but I do not know where because I was only feeling just the pressure. Just like that.

I read the Litany every night, and different words “catch me” every night but it has become like something deep inside, which I do not know how to tell you about. It's like love, like good trust, in which I do not have a reason to rush and and to revolt against ... And this ongoing astonishment at the same time, because my soul didn’t know to be rested. Probably, everything arranges itself inside and outside of me.

I read the sessions - I stopped at the seventh session, because I still do not know which one is my cup to drink to the last drop, so I expect Him, the Lord to show me, but in the meantime, "I clean up ".

God bless you and empower you!

I love you! (you yourself, not me through you )


My dear Cr.,

I'm glad to see the way you are blossoming. You know, for many of us who want to learn “the art of happiness”, the path begins with the discovery of the pain buried in oblivion, in order to take it, to live it and to give it to The Only One Who can turn it into JOY. But there are also, people like you, who need only to wake up from a kind of sleep or from this somnambulist way of living, to discover how great the gift of life is. Thanks be to God that you are doing this through the Seminar and not through shattering troubles like many of our dear people.

Thanks for listening and I hug you with love!

M. Siluana

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